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Self Development Guide

This guide has been designed for you as a leader, operating at a ‘Leading Leaders’ level. You have a key role in shaping the organisation you lead, so we expect you to place importance on developing your leadership skills. This workbook is designed to be self-directed and self-paced. You may choose to work through this workbook over the course of 12 months in multiple short sittings, or over the course of 3 months in some longer sittings – it is completely up to you.


Developing Others Guide

This resource is a practical tool to help you do just that. We’ve provided you with a series of open-ended questions to guide you through a positive and engaging development conversation with your senior leaders. It is essential that your senior leader(s) will have completed the Self-Development Guide Leading Leaders (SD3) and that you are both therefore able to discuss indepth and with real understanding what successful leadership looks like both for your senior leader(s) and for your organisation.


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