The Leadership Framework has been created by the sector for the sector and is designed to be used as a universal plan and to generate tools, resources and programmes to provide wider access. More specifically it describes behaviours that define effective leadership. It outlines five different settings (or roles) where leadership occurs;

· Leading self

· Leading teams

· Leading leaders

· Leading organisations

· Governing organisations  

The framework provides leadership guides for self-development and for developing others for each of the five settings.

The Leadership framework has been created by sport and recreation in the sector. New Zealand

The framework provides a leadership map that describes five elements or areas to focus on to be effective in our roles

· our purpose

· our culture

· our delivery of outcomes

· collaboration and

· being able to navigate complexity

· Puna represents a spring of ideas and resources, a well, or pool – something from deep down that comes to the surface, spreads and is shared and available to all.

· Created by the sport and recreation sector, for the people who work and volunteer in the sector, the resources aim to guide, grow and inspire leadership capability to better deliver outcomes for our communities.

· The leadership resources are FREE.

· Self-learning; There are self-paced workbooks that provide ideas and inspiration, reflective questions and practical ideas and suggestions to help develop your leadership capability. You can dip in and out of them or use them as part of a workshop. 

· Learning on the job; as your organisation embeds the framework , there will be opportunity for on the job learning and development.

· External learning; Sport NZ and the Regional Sports Trusts will be hosting leadership programmes from time to time that will allow for sport and recreation personnel to come together for formal leadership development.      

The framework acknowledges that everybody who works or volunteers in the sector has a leadership responsibility. From local clubs to national organisations, the framework provides a consistent understanding of effective leadership for everyone, in whatever role or setting they operate in within your organisation.

 · The Leadership Framework was ‘designed for the sector by the sector’ after an extensive consultation process involving more than 1500 people. The project is co-led by Sport NZ and Sport Wellington, with oversight from a Leadership Framework Governance Group and Māori Reference Group.

· Leadership consultants Winsborough Ltd, led the initial consultation process and development of the framework, and Capability Group Ltd designed and developed the tools, resources and programmes.

· A Māori Reference Group introduced leadership concepts and language that resonates with Tikanga Māori.