Puna - sport and leadership recreation framework

The development of this Framework has been co-led by Sport NZ and Nuku Ora, with strategic leadership provided by a Project Governance Group.Wellington-based leadership consulting firm, Winsborough Ltd, were engaged to lead the consultation process and provide the content for this Framework, and Capability Group of Auckland engaged to develop the tools, resources and some programmes to give the Framework practical application. Importantly, more than 1,500 people who work and volunteer in sport, recreation, and community organisations have contributed their leadership experiences, observations, and aspirations to this Framework. The Framework acknowledges that everybody who works or volunteers in the sector has a leadership responsibility.From local to national organisations, the framework creates a consistent understanding of effective leadership for everyone, in whatever role or setting they operate in within their organisation. A deliberate and sincere effort has been made to reflect Aotearoa New Zealand’s bicultural foundation in this Leadership Framework. A Māori Reference Group introduced leadership concepts and language that resonate with Tikanga Māori.The framework can be brought alive through each and every one of us in the sector. Ultimately this framework, if embraced by us all, will influence not only the culture of our individual organisations but also contribute to the building of our nation.